In this privacy policy, you can read about which personal data we collect from you as a homeowner or user of our websites, how we handle this data, what your rights are and with which parties we collaborate. It is a major priority for us to ensure that our service is trustworthy and transparent. We handle your personal data with care and discretion, making sure that we adhere to all applicable legislation and regulations.

1. Controller

This is the privacy policy of @Leisure BR B.V., the controller for the processing of your personal data for the Belvilla brand. @Leisure BR B.V. will be referred to as 'Belvilla' in this privacy policy. Belvilla is part of the @Leisure Group.

2. How Belvilla uses your personal data

In this section, you will find information about the various purposes for which Belvilla processes your personal data, which personal data are involved, the legal basis for the use of this data and how long the data are stored.

2.1 Registering as an interested homeowner

Whenever you register via our website as an interested homeowner, we ask you for information to determine whether the home is compatible with the services we provide. This information consists, among other things, of the location of the holiday home, the type of holiday home and the number of persons the home can accommodate. Furthermore, we ask for your personal data to enable us to contact you. This data consists of your name, e-mail address and telephone number. In the event that our contact does not ultimately result in a contract, we will delete this data after 2 years.

2.2 Contracting

In the event that you decide to rent out your home via Belvilla, we will draft a contract with you. As part of the contract, we request information from you that we require to rent out your accommodation and execute the contract. This information consists of details about your holiday home as well as your personal information. We limit this personal information to the minimum amount required, but, in addition to your name, (e-mail) address and telephone number, it also includes your bank account information which is necessary for us to issue payments to you.

2.3 Creating a Belvilla account on our website

Whenever you enter a contract with us, an account will be created for you. For this, we process your login name (e-mail address) and password. You can manage your account yourself. Via your account, you can view information about your holiday home and holidays that are booked with you, among other things. It is necessary to create an account in order to manage and view bookings, i.e. for the execution of the contract between Belvilla and yourself.

Your account information is stored by Belvilla for as long as you actively use your account. Whenever you end your contract with Belvilla, we will delete your account information after 4 years. Information related to your bookings and billing will be stored by Belvilla for 7 years in compliance with record-keeping requirements established by law.

We monitor your use of the websites by registering your number of logins. This enables us to execute the contract more effectively and optimise our website.

2.4 Responding to questions or complaints

Questions about the bookings made with you, requests or other comments or complaints can be sent to us by e-mail, WhatsApp or by contacting our Service Centre by phone. In that case, we use your personal data to handle your questions, to be able to get back in contact with you and to be able to undertake other necessary actions in response to your complaint or request. We maintain a record of which times and via which channels we have been in contact with you, the reasons for your contact and the relevant content of what was discussed or the emails that have been exchanged.

This information is necessary to execute the agreement with you or is in Belvilla's legitimate interest to be able to provide you with better service.

The information that the Service Centre collects from you is stored for 7 years.

2.5 Data on visiting and using the Belvilla website

Whenever you visit our website, various data are automatically registered on our server such as which web pages you visit, your IP address (a unique number that is automatically assigned to your computer by your internet service provider when you go online - the final digits are not saved, so your exact computer cannot be identified), the name of your computer operating system and the type of web browser you are using.

Data that are important to us in relation to the functionality of the website, such as your login status, are stored for up to 1 year from your most recent visit to the website or the most recent time you used your account. Data about your click behaviour and other data registered in relation to your visit to the website are stored for 2 years. However, this data is never deleted from Google Analytics, although it is impossible to link such data to individual users.

2.6 Marketing

Your booking information and our communication with you can be combined by Belvilla. All this information enables Belvilla to perform various forms of marketing, such as via e-mail (newsletter), (un)addressed post, telephone contact, and banners and advertisements on websites, in order to make the information that is sent or displayed as relevant and interesting to you as possible. We measure the effectiveness of all our campaigns. You have the possibility of opting out of the commercial newsletter and/or indicating that you do not wish to receive commercial post from us. You can also object at any time to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes (see the section 'Contacting Belvilla' below to find out how to do this).

We also send you regular service notifications via e-mail or post which enable you to rent out your home more effectively. Because these service notifications are part of the services we provide under our contract with you, you cannot opt out of receiving them.

Belvilla's use of all these data is necessary within the scope of its legitimate interest to be able to inform website visitors and customers about new products and services in order to acquire more customers, retain existing customers, increase the number of bookings and be able to finance the website.

2.7 Website maintenance and optimisation

Your personal data are also used to analyse the use of our website and related technologies, to perform maintenance, to resolve any outages, to improve availability and to protect against fraud.

3. Cookies

Much of the data mentioned in this privacy policy is collected by means of cookies. Cookies are small text files that your device or browser stores whenever your visit our website. Belvilla also uses other techniques similar to cookies such as tracking pixels, Java scripts, tags and web beacons. If you return to our website, your device or browser will be recognised. This is necessary to enable us to measure and analyse your use of our website, among other things. Cookies are also used by us and by third parties to be able to display personalised advertisements to you. Whenever necessary, you will always be asked for consent to let us place these cookies. In our cookies policy, you can read more about the use of cookies by Belvilla, including specifically which cookies are placed, the purpose of the cookies and the period for which they are stored.

4. Storage periods

We store your data for as long as necessary for the aforementioned purposes or in compliance with legal (data storage) requirements. This privacy policy lists the various storage periods adhered to by Belvilla. After expiration of the storage period, we will delete or anonymise your personal data. After that, you will no longer receive information from Belvilla.

5. Third parties

We will only share your personal data with third parties when necessary:

  • Within the context of services which we require in order to carry out your request or booking and which are provided by a third party such as an IT service provider, product supplier or service partner;
  • Belvilla also uses third parties such as Google to analyse the data about your use of the Belvilla website and to personalise the website and our communication,
  • Belvilla also uses third parties to display relevant offers and advertisements. These are RTB House (retargeting), Criteo (retargeting), Facebook, Google and Mediahuizen (Ster/RTL/Branddeli).

Belvilla only provides personal data to supervisory authorities, investigative services and fiscal authorities to the extent required by law.

Most of these third parties are processors and use your personal data only for Belvilla's purposes. These parties are located in the Netherlands. Various IT providers are located outside the European Union or have access to personal data from outside the European Union. Belvilla only provides personal data to parties that guarantee that they have taken the required measures to adequately protect the data. With each processor, a processing contract is agreed to in which these third parties agree to non-disclosure and protection of your personal data, among other things. Insofar as parties (with access from) outside the EU are concerned and the country in which the party is located does not offer an adequate level of protection, Belvilla provides these parties with data only on the condition that they agree to a contract containing model provisions approved by the European Commission, or Belvilla ensures other appropriate measures are taken.

6. Security

Proper protection of your personal data is a major priority for Belvilla. Therefore, Belvilla has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised or otherwise unwanted access. This is visible to you in various ways, including the small padlock symbol that appears in your browser when you are making a booking. Employees of Belvilla or third parties commissioned by Belvilla only have access to your personal data to the extent necessary to perform their tasks. We also recommend that you choose as secure a password as possible when creating a 'My Belvilla' account, that you do not disclose it to anyone else and that you change it regularly. We store your password in an encrypted form. We regularly perform automated security scans on our website and app and take adequate measures to protect our systems against unauthorised access.

7. Your rights with regard to your personal data

You have the right to view all your data as registered with Belvilla and to adjust it (or request for it be adjusted) if it is incorrect or incomplete. You must also update your information as saved in your account yourself if this information changes. Furthermore, you have the right to delete or restrict processing of your personal data by Belvilla under certain circumstances and the right to ask Belvilla to process your personal data to yourself or to a third party. If you wish, Belvilla can send you a written statement of your information.

If you wish to no longer receive commercial e-mails, send a request to [email protected]. If you also do not wish to receive post, you can send a written request via e-mail or post to the marketing department (Postbus 2051, 5600 CB, Eindhoven, the Netherlands). Once you have consented to let us place cookies that are used, among other things, for marketing purposes such as displaying personalised advertising, you can retract your consent via your browser settings (find out more information in our cookies policy). You can delete cookies that have already been placed. Please note that various functionalities of the website will no longer work as well after that. Furthermore, you can object to our processing of your personal data on grounds related to your specific situation, specifically whenever these data are processed in the legitimate interest of Belvilla (as indicated in this privacy policy).

8. Contacting Belvilla

To exercise your rights with regard to your personal data, you can contact our Service Centre (Belvilla, Oude Stadsgracht 1, 5611 DD, Eindhoven, the Netherlands; [email protected]). You may be asked to submit a copy of your personal identification. For other questions about our use of your personal data, this privacy policy or other matters related to our services or this website, you can also contact us with no obligation. Your question or comment will be handled confidentially and as quickly as possible by our qualified staff. In case you would like to make a complaint about Belvilla's handling of your personal data, you can always contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (

This privacy policy can be updated by Belvilla at any time. The updated privacy policy can be found on our website with a clear indication that it is a new version. Insofar as we have access to your e-mail address, we will inform you by e-mail in case of any important changes.

Last update: May 24, 2018